ZRE Power Surge Light


Blade size 8 x 18″
Avg Weight 8.5 oz.

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The ultimate flatwater canoe paddle features our Custom Designed Power Surge blade.

Designed by Bob Zaveral, Serge Corbin and Gold Medalist Greg Barton, this paddle is curved through the entire paddle blade, and slightly concave on the bottom power face for a quick catch.

You’ll experience better power and control, and maximum efficiency.

Power Surge Benefits:

Slight rib for positive (straight) tracking
Concavity for maximum pull
Reinforced bottom for maximum strength
Quiet entry and exit


46", 47", 48", 48.5", 49", 49.5", 50", 50.5", 51", 51.5", 52", 52.5", 53", 54"


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