About Southern Tier Canoe

Jeff and Laurie Pedersen started STC in 2007. Jeff is an accomplished canoe racer and noticed that there was a need for paddle and canoe repairs at the local canoe racers. He has learned his skills from boat and paddle builders and has a reputation of high quality workmanship not only on canoes and paddles but anything made with composites such as motorcycle fairings and bike frames. Also they have added retail sales of canoes, paddles, accessories, car racks, paddle ergs and many more items that a marathon canoe racer could use. Laurie also makes paddle and canoe bags to protect your paddling equipment. Look for Southern Tier Canoe at your local canoe race or stop in and see them!
Southern Tier Canoe                    607-783-2880
32  Vale Street PO 245        jlped@frontiernet.net
Gilbertsville, NY 13776